Wednesday, 21 September 2016

DIY holidays will cost you less

One of the ways of organizing affordable holiday seems to be renting accommodation directly from the owner. However it is not always possible and lacks guarantees that can be provided by institutional holiday providers. What to do then? Use some of the platforms that connect holiday home owners and holidaymakers. You can find something really cheap and still comfortable.

Mirador del Mediterraneo
Yes it is quite common opinion that tour operators buy hotel places and flights in bulk and for that reason accommodation delivered buy them should be cheaper. Unfortunately it is not always the case. One can hardly find offers as cheap as on those renting platforms. And some of them seem to be even more secure and providing higher level of security than travel companies. Tripadvisor,, Homeaway etc. are also big international companies in good financial condition and they do not depend on so many circumstances resulting from current political or economical situation. They just connect clients to property owners and charge a commission for that.
So yes, it is not like this that you pay directly to those who let their properties. And they keep the money for some time between a moment of booking and checking in. However, we may consider that as one of security precautions.
The offer is huge, there is always something to rent. And now, after high season one can find rooms, houses or apartments in nice, warm, sunny location for incredibly low price. For example check this little cosy apartment in Costa Blanca.
Moreover, we pay for whole accommodation - what makes it even cheaper. And having whole apartment for our own disposal provides us with space we cannot have for our private usage in hotels.
We may be asked to pay additionally for cleaning but it is because the property is so cheap that the owner would not earn much if he was suppose to pay for cleaning. Other quite common fee is a small deposit, but those who do not demolish places where they stay won't have any problem with that.
Another convenient feature of this type of holidays is fact that we are able to find an accomodation for any day we choose. So for example when we find some cheap airline fares for certain dates - we may book a place to stay for exactly that time. Plus many of the owners can provide us - or advise us about an option of aiport transfer cheaper than in any bigger company.
So - time for DIY holidays!

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